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Saturday, September 01, 2007

My Vinyl Weighs a Ton

Another day, another journey into the Ameoba vortex. This afternoon, it's siren called and by decree, I was forced to fork over the prerequisite $50 minimum. It's going to be the only record store left in town pretty soon, which is kind of sad. But I'm pretty happy right now after this haul.

What: EPMD-"Crossover" 12" vinyl single
Price: $6.98
Because no one at Rawkus ever came close to writing an anti-commercial manifesto as good as this one. Plus, the B-Side, "Brothers from Brentwood L.I." is one of the best of the era.

MP3: EPMD-"Crossover" (left-click)
MP3: EPMD-"Brothers from Brentwood L.I. (left-click)

What: Grandmaster Flash-"The Message" vinyl LP
Price: $10.98
Why: The Message? Great album cover? Or greatest album cover.

MP3: Grandmaster Flash-"It's Nasty" (left-click)

What: "Dre Day" 12" vinyl single
Price: $6.98

Sometimes, I will wonder if Tim Dog still cries himself to sleep at night.

MP3: Dr. Dre-"Dre Day" (left-click)

What: Black Sheep-A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing vinyl LP
Price: $10.98
Why: The strength of Mista Lawnge's hair alone.

MP3: Black Sheep-"Strobelite Honey" (left-click)

What: Slick Rick, "Children's Story" 12" vinyl single
Price: $6.98
I needed more album covers with eye-patches in my collection

Download: Slick Rick-"Children's Story" (left-click)

What: Aesop Rock-None Shall Pass vinyl LP
Price: $15.98
Because it's great.

MP3: Aesop Rock-"None Shall Pass" (right-click)
MP3: Aesop Rock-"Citronella" (right-click)

What: Pink Floyd-The Wall LP
Price: $9.99
I'm thinking of opening my own Laserium.

MP3: "Run Like Hell" (left-click)

Total: $74.55


At 1:48 AM, Blogger M.Dot. said...

Bloood I DON'T even WALK slow by Ameoba on telegraph.

N*ggas a have me spending my cellphone/bart money.


At 8:08 AM, Anonymous floodwatch said...

Some nice purchases here, J. "Brothers from Brentwood LI" is one of the greatest B-sides since "B-Side Wins Again."


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