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Monday, July 23, 2007

Your Week in Hipster

Let it not be said that I hate the hipster nation. Sure, I give 'em a ribbing now and then but it's all love. With that in mind, I present the video for Plastic Little's "Dopeness." To be quite honest, I'm not all that crazy about the song or the band, but the video is pretty funny.

Also in hipster news, Manic is having their EP release party at the hipster clusterfuck that is Cinespace this Tuesday night. I've never actually been, though I've driven past it several times recoiling in horror. Chromeo & Flosstradamus are playing and thusly, I have decided to shed any sort of common sense I might have in order to witness the scene first-hand. Pray for me.

MP3: Manic-"Carolina Ghost"


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