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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Support the New Beverly

The long-term status of one of Los Angeles' beloved institutions is in jeopardy right now, after the owner of the New Beverly Cinema, Sherman Torgan passed away from a heart attack last week. (See the very good LA Times obit) For those that haven't been to the New Beverly Cinema, it's one of LA's hidden treasures, the last full-time revival house left in the city, a place for movie geeks and cineastes of all stripes to come together and watch classic films on the big screen.

Few theaters anywhere can match the breadth and quality of the films that Sherman Torgan hand-picked for viewing, but even fewer can match the sense of family and community that the New Beverly has built up over the years. With Torgan's passing, the theater will be taken over in the interim by his family. If you've never been to the New Beverly, now's the the time to go, as it needs your business now more than ever. Seriously, how in god's name can you not love a theater that shows an 80s double feature of Back to the Future and Goonies, all for $7 (July 29-31)? It's easy to shrug and hope that places like this stay in business. It's more difficult to get up and actually patronize them. If you get the chance, I sincerely recommend doing so. LA can't afford to lose another one of its finest institution.

RIP Sherman. You will be missed.

The New Beverly's Cinema Calender

The New Beverly on Myspace


At 9:21 PM, Anonymous Cashew said...

He was a good man. I've met him several times and had a great conversation on film noir when a was a nerdy little film school wannabe in high school.


At 11:26 PM, Anonymous Rebecc said...

The summer of my fifteenth year, before and after camp, I would either walk or get dropped off at the New Beverly Cinema and buy two packs of yellow m&ms. I would stay the whole day. It's where I saw All About Eve, Some Like It Hot, East of Eden, everything. Does anyone know what else can I do to help?


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