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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Links Presented By Internet Celebrities

What Rafi and Dallas are doing is invaluable to the youth of America. Knowing how to finagle one's way into VIP status, spot weed carriers, and the proper time to use the port-a-potties is essential knowledge that everyone should have. Indeed, these two intrepid young men are proving that like ODB and the Wu-Tang, Internets Celebrities are for the children.

In other news, ya' boy (apparently, in hip-hop slang, that means me....thanks Black Album!), had a feature on Stephen Stills run in the Arizona Republic. Kevin Murphy, of So Much Silence fame, has taken over as Music Editor, so expect a lot more stuff of mine to appear over there. Justin "Aquarium Drunkard" Gage has also begun contributing to the Republic, (see his David Vandervelde Q & A), as has Eric "Marathonpacks" Harvey, so the paper's music site is definitely worth book-marking, if you're into the whole "brevity" thing.

Cracked has the 10 Worst Celebrity Bands. Can't really knock any of those choices.

I Am Fuel You Are Friends has cuts from the bonus EP that came with Spoon's Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga.

Floodwatch drops a ridiculously good mix of DJ Premier's greatest hits.

Milk Was a Bad Choice debates casting decisions if the Thundercats ever became a movie. Needless to say, it it did get made, it would probably get boycotted because you just know that the phrase, "Thundercats Ho!!!" would insult someone.

Sometimes, I read Cole Slaw Blog and it feels like I'm reading my own blog, except much much smarter.

And in honor of my getting the opportunity to interview Stephen Stills and sound like a complete jack-ass telling him how awesome he is, here's two tracks from his 1972 masterpiece, Manassas.

MP3: Stephen Stills-"Colorado"
MP3: Stephen Stills-"So begins the task"


At 5:33 PM, Anonymous CrimeNotes said...

Shit, I'm humbled by the compliment.

Here's my short history of Stephen Stills and Neil Young, left in a comment on another site yesterday:

As to Stephen Stills, Neil Young and Bob Dylan: Buffalo Springfield was originally Stephen Stills' band. See pages 169-71 of Shakey: Neil Young's Biography. Stills and Neil drove each other crazy. Stills ended up despising Neil. Then he invited Neil into CSNY and Neil drove him over the edge -- by then Stills was completely coke-addled, paranoid, wanted people to call him "sarge." Stills would try to one-up Neil on stage and completely mangle his vocals.

Stills turns out to be one of the real tragic figures in American music. He could've been a great, and then cocaine and his rivalry with Neil turned him into a simpering mess. Then there's this incident on page 454 of Shakey: Dylan shows up at a hotel where CSNY is staying. He performs most of "Blood on the Tracks." Graham Nash tells McDonough, "I'm listening to these songs through the door. I'm fucking dying." Dylan leaves and Stills turns to Nash and says, "He's no musician."

At 5:41 PM, Blogger dmbmeg said...

CrimeNotes was trying to tell me that Young was the ringleader of CSN(Y). Obviously he doesn't notice the parentheticals often associated with Neil Young in regards to CSN(Y).

Stills ran that show, Young was just along for the temporary ride until he got cranky (which happens often).

(Don't beat me up Crime Notes, I actually like Neil Young)

At 5:43 PM, Blogger dmbmeg said...

I also just noticed that by typing (Y) it looks like cleavage.

Kind of awesome.


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