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Friday, June 29, 2007

Links Presented By Jeff Foxworthy

I don't own a working television, so until last night I'd never actually seen an episode of Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader, rightfully judging from the title alone that this show might be the nadir of American culture in the year 2007. Seriously, how in god's name doesn't everyone come home with at least a cool $100,000 after appearing? Is it that hard to answer what state is east of California? Or what disease Jonas Salk invented the vaccine for? The show ought to be called Are You Smarter than a 7-year old With Down's Syndrome, or possibly Are you smarter than your average Judas Priest fan circa 1982, or maybe even, Are You Smarter than Young Jeezy. All are better concepts, I can assure you that.

But last night, I finally tuned to America's second lamest phenomenon (So You Think You Can Dance clearly taking the fucking cake). The reason: one of my friends randomly tried out, got picked and ended up bringing home a half million dollars. No joke. A cool occasion for sure, and certainly a worthy excuse for not having a full-fledged blog today. Then again, it is a Friday, and those two very healthy-sized Jack on the Rocks' I pounded earlier this evening aren't planning on going away any time soon. Hell, I'm a shot away from making the outlandish claim that I invented the question mark (and the appositive).

With such a frightening realities being close at hand, I'd like to get to this week's links. But before I do, can we all have a moment and discuss the weirdness that is Jeff Foxworthy and his mustache? Who's the guy fooling? Not even he can believe that the muskrat attached to his upper lip really needed to make it into the 21st century? Couldn't the 'stach have remained an auburn colored-vestige of the mid-90s post-Seinfeld sitcom boom. Along with Margaret Cho's All American Girl and Cleghorne!

You Might Be a Redneck if You Look Like Jeff Foxworthy

Berkeley Place has MP3's of what is apparently one of the White Stripes' earliest shows.

Know Good Music: The title says it all.

Over the past several months, Floodwatch has quietly become one of the best and most eclectic blogs around. A serious must read (even though I am a little biased as Flood was one of my guest bloggers last week).

I'll eventually have something on the mess that is the new T.I. album, but there might not be a point since Joey's review completely nailed it.

Wake Your Daughter Up does part two of his drops on Golden Age era labels. This time it's Wild Pitch.

Nerd Litter returns with The best 10 singles of the mid-year

The always excellent From Da' Bricks breaks down some of Diamond D's beats from Pharoahe Monch's Internal Affairs record.

This Onion article: Bar Skanks Announce Plans to Kiss is even funnier that it's title would suggest.


At 6:20 AM, Blogger DudeAsInCool said...

I hope our bud shared some of the moolah with his friends.

Those game shows look trite, but the selection of the contestants is anything but.

At 7:57 AM, Blogger Dan Love said...

Half a mill! That's not bad going by any stretch of the imagination.

Although I don't know the shows that you are referring to, I can perfectly imagine what they are like. In the UK we have been plagued by Saturday night reality programming for years now, with Z-list celebrities participating in a range of activities from singing to ice-skating (no joke). That's not to mention those open to the general public. The most recent is 'Britain's Got Talent' which must qualify for the most ironic show name of the year. Jenny from Manchester may think she's a top level performer, but starting the demo on a casio keyboard and wailing along to Rick Astley doesn't seem hugely talented to me. Maybe I'm missing something. Or not.

Cheers for the link. Gotta agree with you on Flood's posts of late and in general: exceptional. I think only yours and Flood's blogs are those that I read religiously, regardless of genre or whether I know anything about the music featured due to the quality of writing. Excuse me for a moment whilst I remove my nose from your butt cheeks.

Take it easy mate,


At 8:04 AM, Blogger Dan Love said...

Oh and Jeff, how about a space on your lucrative blogroll? Sned some traffic my way bro!



At 8:04 AM, Blogger Dan Love said...

Or you could send it instead.


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