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Friday, June 15, 2007

Dope Ass Theme Songs and Opening Sequences from Eighties Action Dramas

Hello all. This is Nate Jones. I’ve guest blogged here before, but you might be more familiar with me from AOL’s NBA FanHouse and on my own personal blog, JONES ON THE NBA. Anyhow, Jeff's busy getting his hippie on at Bonnaroo, so he's left the keys to this bad boy with me for the day.

It’s amazing to see what Passion of the Weiss has turned into. It went from a platform for Jeff to make fun of myspace, people that drive hybrids (I can’t wait to get mine this August, by the way), and professional wrestlers with gay tendencies to becoming one of the best music blogs around.

When Jeff asked me to guest blog for him, I figured this would be the perfect platform for me to talk about some deep issues within the music scene that have really been bothering me for a while--Such as how R&B has completely turned into nothing more than a sing a long version of bad hip-hop. This is what R& B is supposed to be about, not this!

Then I thought it would be cool to write about how my affinity for indie music scares off a lot of my black friends and family. But I really am not inspired to talk about that either (However, I must say that I think you’d pay good money to see the embarrassment on my 17 year old sister’s face when she’s in the car with me and I pop in Dungen, LCD Soundsystem, or Beirut).

Instead, I’m going to focus on something that’s not talked about nearly enough. And that’s the lack of cheesy action packed dramas on television these days.

Honestly, outside of basketball and the occasional Colbert Report/Daily Show combo, I hardly ever watch television. And that’s because (despite what my man Scott reported on this very blog yesterday) most of the shit on Television these day’s is terrible. Everyone is so caught up with reality shows and high brow criminal forensics/CIA operations/operating room dramas to remember the days of the eighties action drama.

Yes, the shows were often times mad cheesy. But even so, there was always something about them that made you want to watch them. I think urge to watch these shows can be directly attributed to the awesomeness of their theme songs and opening sequences. Here’s a look at some of the best 80s action theme songs and opening sequences in the history of man (No Bill Walton intended):

Knight Rider

After you watch this shit, you just want to hop in your car and rock the fuck out, right? Riiiiight…

The Passionate one and I played ball in high school with a kid that drove a “Kit” vintage Pontiac Firebird. And yes, he’d roll into school bumping Busta Rhymes Knight Rider theme take off “Fire it Up”. Of course this was in 1999, so trying to pull of the Michael Knight persona was not the least bit cool. Your secret’s safe with me, Adam Verdi. Fuck, did I just say his name out loud?

Hart to Hart

Man I forgot that "Number Two" was in this shit. I swear, because of this show, I grew up thinking I was going to get married and fight crime with my hot red headed wife by my side. Then I started going to school in Beverly Hills and realized that most of the guys with hot chicks in this town weren’t suave crime fighters, but accountants and lawyers with last names like Weiss, Rosenberg, and Shapiro. All lies, Robert Wagner…ALL LIES!

The A-Team

Don't act like you didn't love this show when you were a kid. Honestly, why hasn’t A-Team been turned into a movie yet? I’d pay good money to see a good remake of this on big screen.

On another note: Isn’t it funny how Family Guy has seemingly spoofed all of these 80s action dramas at one point or another? Take a look at their spoof of the A-Team. Top. Notch. Shit.

Magnum PI

With Ferrari’s, helicopters, a rocking 80’s theme song, and Tom Selleck’s full blown porn stash, there’s no wonder why this show was all sorts of awesome.


This theme is the shit, plain and simple. And the opening sequence is probably the best out of all of the 80s intros I’ve posted here so far. Yes, the writers at the Family Guy also spoofed this one. As well, take a look at this awesome guitar cover of the MacGyver theme.


At 7:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

guessed/guest... same same

At 7:18 AM, Blogger Dart Adams said... love for "Simon & Simon", "The Fall Guy", "Night Court", "Buck Rogers" or "Spenser For Hire"? To quote T.D.S. Mob "What's This World Coming To?". One.

At 11:20 AM, Blogger Nate said...

Anon: Thanks for pointing out the error. Don't want folks to think I come from the Magic Johnson school of grammar.

Dart: These are just my favs. But did night court really have an action sequence? I know the theme was cool. But there wasn't much of an action sequence at the beginning of the show...

At 5:51 PM, Anonymous Bungeye said...

Right on my man! its so good to finally hear someone write about something relevant... i might be going out on my own cheesy limb here, but dont forget about the coming of age stories about an angsty teen, or the good old sitcoms. im sitting here watching the breakfast club and i cant get enough of it. still, im ok with shows like heroes and deadwood, for the moment... keep up the good topics

At 5:25 PM, Anonymous angrycitizen said...

the first 16 seconds of the Magnum P.I. theme song, before the orchestral flourish kicks in, is fire!

At 10:18 AM, Blogger atlas said...

No Airwolf?

At 3:42 PM, Anonymous dudeasincool said...

Nice post!


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