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Monday, May 14, 2007

Cohen's Critics Corner-Grinderman S/T

After a weekend fact-finding mission in the dirty South, Ian Cohen has returned. Though he was unable to discover whether or not it really is going down in the trap, he was able to discover that Young Joc really really sucks.

Guitar Center isn't a place I go very often, but when I do, I expect certain things out of them. For example, you better have Dream Theater playing on the TV. The Northridge store was happy to oblige…goddamn, how many strings does that guy have on his bass? And how does John Petrucci make it look so goddamn easy when I spent hours in 8th grade just trying to nail maybe one movement from "Erotomania"? And I certainly hope for the lead singer's sake that the video was taped no later than 1994.

Another thing I expect is that the kid who's wailing on those mindblowing fretboard-tapping riffs is Korean. And he's twelve. But mostly, I expect to spend at least twenty minutes fucking around with the effects pedal chain and completely ignore what this must do to the people who work there. Seriously- when you're up in Guitar Center, it doesn't matter if you're running the flanger, fuzz pedal, digital delay and auto wah all at once- you become a 16-year old kid who thinks it sounds fucking awesome. As Josh Love notes in his very accurate and very well-written review of Grinderman's self-titled, Nick Cave and his boys tap into this feeling, which works out great because it's almost exclusively written with the sort of frustrated horniness that seems endemic to 16-year olds. I mean, there's a real awesome song called "No Pussy Blues" on this…is it any wonder it's gone over well with critics?

But this is a pretty damn solid record, which I completely didn't expect. You know how most of your friends have probably heard every Led Zeppelin album and they can differentiate between their eras? I mean, that's what high school was all about, right? Well, in some alternate high school, this was the case with Nick Cave. There are some Stylus staffers who know everything about this dude, which makes them unlike anyone I've ever met in real life. I just never listened to Nick Cave, and with a discography that thick, I'd better have a good reason to even begin. A forty minute record of impossibly skuzzy guitar riffs and mostly hilarious lyrics (see "Go Tell The Women") is a good way to start. Yeah, towards the end it starts to get a little alt-rock and the impact kinda wanes, and my god, that's an awful album cover. But I remember something Chuck Klosterman wrote once: he preferred interviewing guys like Barry Manilow and whatnot over young rock artists, because the older heads don't give a fuck. Granted, Nick Cave seems like a dude who cares about image, but this couldn't have possibly worked with someone under 40.

Grinderman-"Easy Alice"
Grinderman-"No Pussy Blues"


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