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Friday, April 27, 2007

Coachella Or Bust (or Bake in 97 Degree Heat)

It's that time of year again. Time for the only "LA" music festival in the world. A time when the two concert-a-year crowd (three if Wolfmother comes to town) rents lavish houses in the desert, throws killer parties and dangles their VIP passes like they were Wayne and Garth backstage at an Alice Cooper concert.

I will be staying at a Motel 6 and will not be a VIP. Consequently, my life is not worth living. However, I am currently en route to the Desert, trying not to ward off frightening battery of hippies, Hollywood types and scariest of all, die-hard Rage fans. (Then again, they can't be worse than Tool).

So I've left you all with a monster Best Of post (a final list won't be compiled for another week....Joey and I need accountants...which you think would be quite easy to find for two Jews, but not so much). No posting Monday but expect a Day One of Coachella write-up by mid-day Tuesday. If you want coverage in the meantime, go to the Times' website's Coachella Coverage. I will be helping the Buzz Bands' Coachella Blog. (And while you're at it, check out this Times feature I wrote for Thursday's Calendar on Family Los Angeles, a very cool new book/music shop in town.)
Bjork Says To Read These Links (and Buzzer!!!!)
Brunette Like Me attends the really great Sunset Rubdown show that I attended the other night but didn't have time to write about.

Blockhead dissects the idiocy of Mims.

New blog to check for is Chickens Don't Clap. It does not have the clap, but hopefully it will have chickens.

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At 10:18 AM, Anonymous RJB is Zilla Rocca said...


Great Next 25, although I have to strongly disagree with Aesop's "Float" making it. I first heard him via "Commencement" in college on a mix cd from a hot emo chick and immediately bought FLOAT. Lyrically, it's hands down his best album but the beats are HELLA boring as a whole and the album is just a little long. Yes, the guests spots are great (Slug, Vast, Dose One), but in my opinion the best beats on the whole thing are the BLockhead interludes.

"Labor Days" was such a huge step up for both Ace and Block, and I think it's a more complete listen front to back. Regardless, Aesop needs to be recognized outside of the "nerd rap/Def Jux" crowd as one of the illest MC's to ever spit. Good looking on that regard.

At 7:03 AM, Anonymous joe said...

i had the pleasure of seeing sunset rubdown here in salt lake, unfortunately i have a feeling that besides myself and my friend, the rest of the audience was either a. clueless to the vibe that comes with krug's music and danced like retarded apes at a banana festival (obviously the majority of them were there for headliner xiu xiu, which in my experience usually results in the ridiculous hipster ape dance) or b. were really fucking drunk.

it was so loud that he actually shoosed the crowd over the mic, which angered the drunks, and he quit playing his.

highlights of the evening for me, krug glaring with obvious homocidal hatred for the guy swaying his arms around like a wacky wavy inflatable flaling arm man, also spencer telling the crowd to "shut up."

other than the hipster/drunk magnet that is the urban lounge pretty much cementing that next time i want to see spencer krug live i'm gonna have to drive pretty far, the set was magnificent, and he played with the type of verocity that i knew he'd deliver.

great performance, terrible crowd.


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