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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Links From Klink

If you don't know who Col. Klink is, you might remember him as Homer's spiritual guide/guardian angel from The Simpsons episode,'"The Last Temptation of Homer." Needless to say, Klink approves of the following links. I think.

First off, Wake Your Daughter Up turns in a massively epic post about Nas' "Where Are They Know" remixes, dropping several classic old-school hip-hop albums and tons of knowledge in the process.

Skinny Slim from Just Sayin' interviews El-P at Can I Bring My Gat?

Ace Cowboy Gets His Festival On, attending the Langerado Festival and once again being blown away by My Morning Jacket's performance. Yes, I am jealous.
(See also: Here, Here & Here)

Model Minority Pens Her Backpacker Manifesto

20/20 Proof Explains Why Rappers Need Ann Coulter

Henry at About Rap Interviews Redman

Dallas Penn catches Public Enemy Live (as does Angry Citizen)

I Guess I'm Floating Has MP3's from the very good and very underrated album from Philly's Dr. Dog

Last, but definitely not least, Straight Bangin' delivers a moving eulogy to the Notorious BIG.


At 11:47 PM, Blogger Dallas said...

Fuck yo' blogroll, you are one of the best out here doing the damn thing.

f.y.i. Model Minority is a broad.

At 12:49 AM, Blogger travis said...

Hey, thanks Jeff, apperciate it! I put a lot of work in those posts, and more to come


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