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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Beards, Blazers & Glasses: Thirtysomething Thoughts On Menomena and a Few on The Parson Redheads

1. Jesus Christ! Their lead singer looks exactly like Dave Grohl.

2. At least, he doesn't look like Krist Novoselic.

3. Menomena's drummer bashes the drums like he was Animal.

4. Muppet Show Animal, not Muppet Babies Animal. Better.

5. Bands should not have a laptops on stage. Ever.

6. But all Girl Talk does is bring a laptop on stage and hit the space bar.

7. Enough said.

8. All bands should have a bassist.

9. Unless your name is Jack White.

10. No one up here resembles Jack White.

11. Just Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl-The Look of a Boy Bander: The Heart of a Grungie

12. This is boring. Fuck.

13. I wonder when they're going to play "Wet and Rusting."

14. The video for "Wet and Rusting" is kinda' sorta awesome. And funny too.

15. Is this gonna' be another one of those love the album/bored by the live show type shows?

16. I'm tired.

17. And hungry.

18. And just 45 minutes away from ordering a Tuna Melt and Mac Daddy and Cheese Balls at Fred 62.

19. My question has been answered.

20. Wait a minute...Dave Grohl's playing the saxamaphone.

21. He's better than Lisa Simpson. But he's no Bleeding Gums Murphy.

Fuck With This Man At Your Own Peril

22. Parts of the album that seemed primal and mysterious on record seem cold and thin in person.

23. But give these guys a few more horns, a bass player and maybe some strings, and they would be something fierce.

24. Finally. They're playing "Wet and Rusting."

25. This song might be my favorite rock track all year. Live, it is equally great.

26. Because this song features one of the guys playing the bass.

27. Bands should pay me to be their band coach.

28. Too bad no one is that foolish.

29. You know what isn't foolish. Tuna Melts.

Tuna Melts: Never a Bad Idea30. I can't leave directly after the band plays the single. That's just lame.

31. Then again, I probably would've had a better time staying at home, throwing the album on shuffle and cranking up the volume.

32. 10 minutes pass.

33. Oh, tuna Melt, You have defeated me again.

[Out the door]

34. Friend and Foe remains a great album. The live show, not so Menonomenal.

Also See Brunette Like Me's very intelligent and anagram-friendly take on Menomena's show.

MP3: Menomena-"Wet and Rusting"
MP3: Menomena-"My My"

Talk Amongst Yourselves: The Parson Redheads. They Have Both Members Named Parson and Members With Red Hair. Discuss

The Parson's delivered a very solid opening set. I've written about them many times. See here, here and here.

1. Listen up, hippies. This should be your new favorite band. They only kinda' sorta' jam but if you give them enough drugs and money, I'm sure you can convince them.

2. Somebody needs to book these guys a ticket to Bonnaroo. Pronto.

3. Too bad hippies don't read my blog.

4. I would probably hate my blog if I was a hippie.

5. Luckily, hippies can't hate my blog. They have to love everything.

6. Point: Weiss

7. If you dislike this band's live show, you are one of three things. a) A fascist b) A fan of the Black Eyed Peas c) A writer at Pitchfork or d) All of the above.

8. I bet a fascist, Black Eyed Peas-loving Pitchfork writer would be fun to hang out with at parties.

9. Despite, the strong comp coming from The Deadly Syndrome, The Parsons hold onto their title as my favorite new local band.

10. And live, "Full Moon" brings down the house. Every single time.

MP3: The Parson Redheads-"Full Moon"


At 8:24 AM, Blogger Wayne said...

I think Friend and Foe is my favourite record released this year, so its disappointing to hear they were a let down live. Hopefully it was just an off night. I'm still laughing at the fascist, black eyed peas line, very very funny.

At 9:28 AM, Blogger Coffee Snorter said...

Yea I wished I was more in a mood to be at the show, as I was all allergied-out...At one point I had to leave the show, since my head felt like it was literally going to blow up...almost felt like getting into a fight at the echo, cuz some of the people there were annoying the hell out of me.

At 10:23 AM, Blogger Ace Cowboy said...

"Is this gonna' be another one of those love the album/bored by the live show type shows?"

This is why jambands rule, or as the kidz say, pwn your face.

At 12:41 PM, Anonymous amusette said...

The best part about being thirtysomething: you know that listening at home far outweighs a lame live performance in a chatty crowd, but you still have the hope that this might be one of those rare times when you experience something transcendent. And, if you don't there is always time for a sandwich.

At 1:52 PM, Anonymous fat gurl said...

tuuuuunnnnanaaa meeelllttt

At 7:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Deadly Syndrome is by far the best band in LA right now, although I do love The Parson Redheads. When it comes to bringing down the house... have you seen Eucalyptus performed live???


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