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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Beards, Blazers & Glasses: Oh No, Oh My!/The Deadly Syndrome/The Honey Brothers

After a 2006 where Beirut, Lily Allen, The Little Ones, Midlake, The Cold War Kids, Voxtrot, et. al. seemed to be consensus "blogger buzz" bands, the blogosphere has been strangely silent in the past few months. Perhaps it's fear of Gerard. Or maybe it's understandable irritation from the spate of mainstream press articles scrutinizing a band's buzz arc like it was James Cameron trying to play Da Vinci Code. But more likely, there just haven't been any straight out-of-left field sensations galvanizing bloggers. I see this as generally a good thing. Stripped of expectations, bands making their debut won't face impossible expectations and possibly career-crushing reviews (see Birdmonster, Sound Team). Plus, it's a good thing because the sheer number of buzz bands had gotten deafening. So much that I had started to ignore whatever band du jour was making the rounds. I suppose this is why I'd previously slept on blog favorites, Oh No, Oh My!

Indeed, the Austin quintet turned in a surprisingly stellar set last Saturday night at the Echo, despite my rather limited expectations. From cursory listens of the songs from their eponymous debut, they seemed completely mundane and kinda' boring. Indie jangle-pop by numbers. in that ripping of The Shins, ripping off The Beatles, sort of way. But lyrically, Oh No, Oh My! possess a sardonic bite and a solid sense of humor that help separate them from the pack (song titles include "Lisa, Make Love (It's Okay,)" "Skip the Foreplay" and "Jane is Fat.")

Live, the recent Dim Mak signees, sold the entire crowd on their foot-stomping brand of tightly coiled pop, firing of waves of shiny keyboards, yelpy vocals, jet-pack propelled drums and even a melodica (No King Tubby). Well-polished and full of energy, Oh No, Oh My! proved worthy of their advance hype, and when "A Walk in the Park" came on, even the Echo Park hipsters started moving. Yes, it was certainly a sight to be seen.

MP3: Oh No, Oh My!-"Jane is Fat"
MP3: Oh No, Oh My!-"I Have No Sister"
Fucking Steve Aoki. You wanna' hate the dude, if not for his wispy mustache then for the fact that he calls himself Kid Millionaire. If that's not enough, there's the fact that he's on Cobrasnake every 10 minutes with some picture next to Good Charlotte's Web, or whatever band those John Madden brothers are in. But I'll be damned if you don't have to respect Aoki for his usually pretty good taste in music and always savvy business acumen. Granted, his label, Dim Mak, has a roster that includes Whirlwind Heat (perhaps the worst live band, I've ever seen), but I'll grant Aoki a free pass for signing Bloc Party, The Kills, the aforementioned Oh No, Oh My! and most recently, Silverlake's The Deadly Syndrome.

Like the above bands, it's only a matter of time before The Deadly Syndrome blow up and adds more dollars to the Benihana fortune. I figured these kids would be good, considering Duke's been raving about them for months, but they absolutely killed it last Saturday night. Like an unholy hybrid of Wolf Parade, Cold War Kids and even a little Built to Spill, The Deadly Syndrome's brand of high-energy almost punk rock dazzled the crowd. With the mania of meth-heads, the band writhed, wriggled and leaped across the stage, with caveman drums and crunching spiraling guitars.

When all was said and done, The Deadly Syndrome displayed that their window as an LA club band is rapidly shrinking. This band is ready for the bigs. Floating Away said it best: "These guys are the real deal and after last night's show, they launched themselves right up there with the Parson Red Heads in terms of my favorite LA Bands." Plus, they bring cardboard cut-outs of mustached ghosts on-stage with them. Which is kinda' sorta' awesome in my book.

MP3: The Deadly Syndrome-"I Hope I Become a Ghost"
The Honey Bros: Proving That Vincent Chase> Jordan Catalano

Dismiss the Honey Bros. as Adrian "Vincent Chase" Grenier's vanity band all you want, you cannot deny the fact that per capita, no band in recent memory has drawn hotter girls to their shows. Seriously. I'm willing to bet my life that that many gorgeous girls will never be in Echo Park at the same time ever again. Hell, even Kate Bosworth showed up (though sadly, on the arm of "Legolas" Bloom).

If you're a single guy from the age of 21-30, the Honey Bros. are not a band you want to miss. Think about it: no guy will accompany their girlfriend to a show just to watch the dude from Entourage play the drums, meaning that dozens of unaccompanied and very beautiful woman are standing around, getting worked into a lather because of Vinnie Chase's percussion. Even better is the fact that Grenier can only snag two or three of them. Four tops. Which's a buyers market, fellas.

As for their music, the Honey Bros. are much better than you'd imagine. They aren't a bunch of actors who can't play worth a damn, think Dogstar, 30 Odd Feet of Grunts-type, or the horrors of 30 Seconds to Mars. They can play just fine and their song-writing is solid in a jokey, light-hearted way. The Honey Bros. never take themselves too seriously, just sticking to frothy and fun pop music. Think of them as a poor man's Weezer with a better sense of humor. Plus, you can't dislike a band that features the ukelele. And if you have a problem with that, take it up with Don Ho.

The Honey Bros. On Myspace

Get pictures and more Oh No, Oh My! and Deadly Syndrome MP3's at Floating Away


At 4:40 PM, Anonymous Kevin said...

Saw Oh No, Oh My last week in Phoenix. I hadn't heard any of their stuff, and they didn't convince me I should. I dunno ... I just couldn't get behind it. Seems like a band that is too ironic and cheeky for its own good. The whole singing-out-of-key thing seems really chic (a la Clap Your Hands).

At 5:57 PM, Blogger Duke said...

i forgot the honey bros were adrian grenier's band. i saw them last year at spaceland and thought they were pretty good, but probably cursed b/c of the celeb status.

At 7:28 PM, Anonymous Shay said...

I can't find your RSS, help me out

At 7:48 PM, Blogger Passion of the Weiss said...

Wish I could help. I don't mess with the RSS so I really have no idea where to begin.

At 11:45 PM, Anonymous dudeasincool said...

The Honey Bros. 'Add' cut was pretty good, but for me, they would be an acquired taste, recording-wise. Something tells me that they are a better live than studio band


Shay, his RSS feed should be located in the top right of your browser. It works find on my browser


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