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Friday, January 12, 2007

Rent Idiocracy and Weekend Links

So you can finally rent Idiocracy this weekend, so do it. I'm definitely buying myself a copy. I've hyped this film to no end over the past few months, but check out this recent Slate article praising the film. It's the most intelligent review I've read on Idiocracy film yet.

Also See This Week's LA Times Review

And my original review of the film

Also check for:

*Slushy Gutter Summer's Best Hip-Hop Albums of '06

*Crock Tock's Repudiation of Post-Modernism

*Ian Cohen's On Second Thought Dismantling of Hell Hath No Fury

*The 12 Most Bizarre College Courses in America. My alma mater, Occidental was the only school to have two courses included. Neither of which I thankfully took.

*Floodwatch Takes a Second Look at Killah Priest

*The OC Register reviews the Anaheim My Morning Jacket show that I attended last Friday. Declares them the new Kings of Southern Rock

*This Village Voice article hits the nail on the head with Talib Kweli and Madlib's Liberation

*The Parson Redheads' Debut LP King Giraffe is now available for pre-order.

*Neal Pollack explains the benefits of being a Pothead dad in this hilarious article for (via Largehearted Boy)

*See also Largehearted Boys Book Notes with Pollack

*Bring Back Sincerity Gives a Very Funny Sneak Preview of The Kanye Show

*I have no idea exactly how much of this is true, but I will forever believe every word of Dallas Penn's expose about Toni Braxton, her penchant for three-ways with NBA superstars and the divorce of Jason and Joumana Kidd. Awesome.

*Speaking of the Penn, also definitely check out his collabo with Rafi Kam of Oh Word. A skit called "Bodega" in which the pair explain to the world, the food pyramid of the corner-store bodega. Some really funny stuff.


At 5:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There was a full version of Idiocracy in Dailymotion recently. After watching it, I can understand why this movie didn't get any studio support. It contained everything you mentioned in you initial review, e.g. social commentary and satire, but overall the movie was just weak and very heavy-handed.


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