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Monday, December 04, 2006

Camp Lo's Fort Apache (The Mixtape Album)

Perhaps my favorite thing about music criticism is that it allows you to shed light on acts that you believe slipped through the cracks, brilliant musicians who for one reason or another didn't receive the acclaim that they so rightfully deserved. That being said, there is no act in all of hip-hop more deserving of a critical re-evaluation than Camp Lo. My review of Geechie Suede and Sonny Chiba's new mixtape, Fort Apache (The Mixtape Album) is up at Stylus.

Read it here.

For those of you who don't know about the Lo, they're one of the all-time great duos in hip-hop history. Unfortunately, for reasons stemming mostly from label politics, Lo have only released two proper albums in their ten years of existence. The review explains more of their saga and about the album itself. Initially conceived as a mixtape designed to whet the public's appetitite for Lo's 9th Wonder and Ski produced full-length slated to drop next year, Fort Apache is more than just a mixtape. In my opinion, it's one of the five best hip-hop albums you'll hear all year (and easily the best mixtape). I highly recommend purchasing it. And while you're at it, pick up their classic debut Uptown Saturday Night, one of the best little-known hip-hop albums of all time.

MP3: Camp Lo: "Suga' Willie's Revenge"
MP3: Camp Lo: "Ganja Lounge"

Bonus from Uptown Saturday Night
Lo: "Luchini (AKA This is It)"


At 9:52 AM, Anonymous Rap Jack Bauer said...


I told you Fort Apache was fire!!!

I think the best part of that mixtape is that it sounds like Suede and Cheeba just like rhyming and having fun being around each other. I mean considering all of the label bullshit they've been through, the 10+ years in the game, and the relative lack of sales and recognition they received, you wouldn't be surprised if they put out bitter old man music about getting shit on, hip hop being wack, etc.

Those guys are just so fly in every sense of the word. I can't wait for that 9th Wonder/Ski album. Everyone bitching about 2006 being a shitty year for rap needs to get up on the Fort Apache Mixtape NOW!!!

At 10:11 AM, Blogger Wade said...

My Camp Lo concert experience:
When I was a student at the Univ of Texas, I saw an interview with Lo. Not only was their hit, Luchini, amazing, but they were bringing a whole lotta flavor with their personas and fashion. They were rocking the apple jack hats and Gisele shades way before Common and the other 70s stylejackers had jacked that style. Lyrically, they fucking destroy. They tracks were distinct, but cohesive, and they brought different flows to each one. Ohmy, they were so nice. Then they came to Austin, or more precisely, Killeen, an army base town almost an hour from Austin. Why they chose this town, I have no idea.
They had no opening act. There was a dj who would spin a coupla records, then duck out for a few minutes. After about an hour of this, he said "Are y'all ready for some Camp Lo?" and we screamed. They did not come out.
This club was far from packed, and maybe Sonny and Geech were waiting for more people to show up. "Are yall ready for some Lo?" Again, no coming out. Twenty minutes later, they take the mic to the backstage area. Sonny and Geechie then ask the "crowd" if they are ready for them.
Twenty minutes more. Ten minutes more. Then they come out to the stage, the Luchini instrumental blazing. But instead of "This is it, what.." They are puffing blunts. They continue to puff thru the entire song, and another instrumental. The crowd is confused and thinning. Then Lo finally does Luchini again, this time with words, and like four other songs. Then they "take a break" leaving the people standing around w/o music. They never return. The venue turns the lights on at 1130 and tells us we have 15 minutes to disperse.
I still love that album, and I like the Limelighters track they did w/ Aes, but they will be forever cursed for what they did to us.
This was the worst concert I have ever been to- 2nd worst= Kool Keith and DJ Spooky. The former performed for 45 minutes and was overshadowed by his hypeman, the latter played atonal trance crap and an electric upright bass.


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