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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Kevin Federline's Playing With Fire: An Album Review

Passion of the Weiss: So Kevin, you claim the media hasn't portrayed you in a favorable light. Tell me something about yourself in your own words.

Kevin Federline: I'm Kevin Federline. I'm America's Most Wanted....I come tight with every rhyme and I built a mansion down the street from Pepperdine.

P.o.W: Wow, a mansion. That's amazing. You must have a lot of money. I hear people are impressed by money. Awesome.

K-Fed: I got Jewelz like Santana.

P.o.W: All that money must really boost your self-worth.

K-Fed: From where I'm from all the way to the Carribean Sea, the world is mine as far as I can see.

P.o.W: Incredible. That's a long way.

K-Fed: Young Jeezy told me that.

Kevin Federline: If He Were President He Would Definitely Not Be Baberaham Lincoln

P.o.W: Oh...are you "down" with the Young Jeezy" fellow?

K-Fed: I ain't calling at these ho's man, I just snap.

P.o.W: I'm not sure what's that's supposed to mean Mr. Federline. Is that a problem you have? All the ho's "calling at you?"

K-Fed: I'm loony. All the model chicks want to do me.

P.o.W: You must be proud of yourself. Is there a downside to all of these ho's trying to "do ya?"

K-Fed: Chicken heads is scary.

P.o.W: Women there anything in your life that you feel that you were meant to do?

K-Fed: I ain't here to brag. I'm here to pop tags.

P.o.W: But isn't that last statement by definition bragging? No, nevermind. Uh...let's talk about something more pedestrian. So what does Kevin Federline eat for breakfast?

K-Fed: I'm pancakin' all the time.

Madame, Can I Interest You in Having Another Child

P.o.W: Well, looks like we've covered a lot of ground in this interview. From your interesting housing arrangements to your favorite breakfast items. But is there any message you'd like to tell your fans.

K-Fed: You're playing with fire.

P.o.W.: C'mon you even know what happens when you play with fire?

K-Fed: play with fire?

P.o.W: No dude, you get burned.

K-Fed: Don't hate cuz I'm a superstar.

P.o.W: Not for long.

Download (I Dare You):
Kevin Federline: "Playing with Fire" (left-click)

Kevin Federline: "In a League of my Own" (left-click)


At 10:39 AM, Anonymous Rap Jack Bauer said...

I think we're all lucky K-Fed didn't come out on the heels of the Boy Band Era, when Eminem was doing his best to clown all those hair-gelled, pretty boy dancing fruits. Slim probably would have made a whole song dissing this dude, but really K-Fed disses himself, his race, his wife and his "skillz" every time he speaks.

At 11:54 AM, Blogger noixe said...

the track with bosko is hot.

At 4:49 PM, Blogger DepecheMoses said...

Indeed, he is pancakin' all the time. Pancake, pancake. I think that's a reference to the drug trade, or something? Honestly, does anyone have any respect for Kevin Federline?


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