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Friday, December 16, 2005

Loose Ends

Every week, I save a bunch of articles that I consider blogging about, but many of them don't make the cut. Starting this Friday, I'm going to institute a segment called Loose Ends that post links to these weird, funny, or frighteningly insipid articles.

This article discusses how bats with bigger brains generally have smaller testicles. This, of course, would explain the Democratic Party.

Once again, repeat after me, hipsters are complete tools.

Madonna has a new song, claiming that if she were a man, she'd be the president. No, Madonna, if you were a man and therefore couldn't fuck your way to the top, you'd be an insurance salesmen in Reseda. Buy a fucking clue.

People at the top of my list not to take political advice from (in order): Artists, Hipsters, George Bush.

New Yorkers: Definitely just as stupid as Angelenos. And somehow even more pretentious.

Bulgaria+Gays+Soccer= Obviously Funny

And people wonder why no one likes the Jews.

Sorry, guys. Jesus will NEVER be way cool. Unless he starts smoking lots of weed and listening to only 50 Cent. At which point, he will be very fucking cool.

That's it. I'm converting. First person to convince me to join their religion gets the rights to my soul for eternity.

This story is really everything wrong with American society. Really. Read it and weep my friends. The American dream is dead.


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